Technical Info

• Non-GMO Certification

• Allergen Declaration

• Commercial Sterility per FDA Circular 2013-10 crop2016

• Pesticides Residue

This is to certify that NFC tomato paste is produced aseptically and fit for human consumption.
The Tomato Paste product is prepared from mature, full red ripe, sound and clean fruits (free from black rot, blemishes and other fruit defects) which are sorted then crushed. After removing the seeds and peels, concentration of the pulpy liquid is carried out wherein only the water content is removed and no additives added. The product is sterilized at 98 ºC to 105 ºC for not less than 2.5 minutes holding time (Critical Control Point #1) followed by cooling to maximum temperature of 42 °C (Critical Control Point #2).
The tomato paste product is all natural:
  1. GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) – Free
  2. Free from any preservatives and no additives added particularly monosodium glutamate,
  3. Free of food colorant.
 Northern Foods Corporation certifies through this document that there is no risk of any allergen in our tomato paste product.
Northern Foods Corporation limits its production to concentrating tomato juice extracted from red-ripe, fresh tomato fruits that is non-allergenic. Furthermore, there are no additional flavorings or spices used in or near our receiving areas, processing line, or warehouses.
Northern Foods Corporation also has a very complete cleaning schedule in order to clean out all process lines before running the product and we have the willingness to cooperate with any organization for any continual improvement activity to ensure our supply of allergen-free product to our clients.



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