An Employee, Officer, or Member of the Board of Directors, shall NOT SOLICIT OR ACCEPT, directly or indirectly, ANY GIFT, gratuity, FAVOR, entertainment, loan, or use, anything of monetary value (‘Gift’) from a person, groups, associations, or juridical entities, whether from the public or the private sectors, AT ANY TIME, on or off the work premises, where such gift is either:

1.     Given in the course of their official duties or in connection with any transaction which may be AFFECTED BY THE FUNCTIONS OF THEIR OFFICE;

2.     ILLEGAL or in violation of laws;

3.     Part of an attempt or agreement TO DO ANYTHING IN RETURN;

4.     Given to INFLUENCE THE ACTIONS of directors or employees; or

5.     Create the appearance of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

We thank you for your support in upholding this Policy*.

* Approved by the NFC Board of Directors 01 September 2015.

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