By 2020, NFC will be a model, profitable company manufacturing high quality tomato paste and other related processed food products and providing sustainable livelihood for the community.
To supply high quality processed products at competitive prices using the farmers’ fresh produce & applying appropriate processing technology.
  • We aim for utmost possible and attainable performance in relation to established standards.
  • We strongly commit our personal dedication to the attainment of the corporate mission, goal, objectives and targets.
  • We are honest and have good faith in all transactions.
  • We work as one to promote corporate goals and interests.
  • We innovate to respond to market opportunities and organizational needs, consistent with uplifting the welfare of employees and development of the community.


Contract Growing Program

PROGRAM CAMPAIGN AND AREA VALIDATION a. Establish contacts from LGU, Barangay Captain and Farmer Leaders

 b. Conduct meeting and disseminate NFC Service Charter and Contract Growing Program

 c. House to house campaign

 d. Verify and inspect area of production

NFC Service Charter and Contract Growing Program  Cluster Leader 


Project Management Officer

September to November
MASTERLISTING & AREA CONSOLIDATIONa. List  are commitment  for tomato production

b. Consolidate area commitment of farmers and farmer groups

Area Campaign-House to House Solicitation form

 Farmers evaluation  checklist

  Projoct Management Officer

 Cluster Leader

September to November
PRODUCTION LOAN FACILITATION & MONITORING OF INPUTS DELIVERYa. Submit list of availing groups to Lending Institution

b. Facilitate completion of loan documentation requirements

c. Notify and assist farmer groups in loan releases

d. Monitor delivery of farm inputs

Farm Plan and Budget Inputs Acknowledgment Receipt Project Management Officer

 Cluster Leader


October to December
CONTRACT SIGNING BETWEEN NFC AND FARMER GROUP a. Explain and distribute TMA and CA contracts to participating farmer-groups

b. Facilitate completion of signatories


Tomato Supply and Marketing Agreement (TMA) & Credit Agreement (CA) Signing



Project Management Officer


Farm Technical Aide


 November to December

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