Calendar Year 2017 (2nd Semester)


Description Ref.  RFQ/RFSQ ABC, Pesos Mode Posted Opening Status Purchase Order
Supply and Delivery of One (1) lot various Aseptic Bags Bidding Docs 7,328,551.00 Public Bidding 20July2017 10August2017 For Opening -
Supply and Delivery (NFC Sarrat) of various Waukesha “OEM” Parts MFG-17-456 585,533.00 NP-SVP 19July2017 10August2017 For Opening -
Supply of oil and Lubricants of NFC Wing Van Truck WHS-17-448 5,000.00 NP-SVP 19July2017 24July2017 For Opening -
Supply of NFC Toyota Forklift Tire WHS-17-449 20,000.00 NP-SVP 19July2017 24July2017 For Opening -


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