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  • 28/30oBrixpic5
  • Hotbreak
  • 5.5 to 7.0cm/30sec


  • Aseptically Packed:
    • 225 kilos in 55-gal APM bag in 200-liter steel drum
    • 5 kilos in 1-gallon APM bag
    • 23 kilos in 1-gallon APM bag
  • Hot-Fill Packed:
    • 1 kilo Stand-Up Pouch SUP

pic2SHELF LIFE: 24 months, provided product is stored at temperature below 43oC and kept frozen after opening

DELIVERY: Delivered to Metro Manila and nearby provinces within 3 days from receipt of Purchase Order (PO). Deliveries to Visayas and Mindanao via available inter-island carriers

RAW MATERIAL: Red-ripe tomatoes are handpicked from the tomato vine by 3,000 industrious Ilocano farmers engaged yearly by NFC as contract growers